27 April 2012 @ 15h00

Hosting the world's largest conference on sustainability and fashion Copenhagen continues to set the global agenda on environmental, social and economically sustainable solutions.
Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world's largest and most important conference on sustainability and CSR in the fashion industry. The biennial Summit gathers 800-1000 key industry stakeholders to identify new opportunities and forward-looking solutions for the global fashion industry to tackle the growing sustainability challenges facing the planet.

Comparatively, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries - cotton production alone is the second most polluting crop after corn. The industry has also long outsourced production to low wage countries. While the challenges facing the fashion industry may seem daunting, there is hope and a willingness to pool resources and continue to raise awareness as well as share knowledge towards innovative solutions and an improved sustainability footprint for the global fashion industry

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