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JANUARY 30th 2012 AT 7.00PM CET
Over 20.000 people watched as Honest by went live on January 30th 2012
at 7.00 CET.
The Financial Times' Vanessa Friedman was the first to cover the story.
"The most subversive etail initiative I have seen. I think it has the
power to transform the fashion industry. Really. You know I don't say
these things lightly."
The world's first transparent company was born.
Here are some results and numbers we have put together for our first
season. Discover our ups and downs and our plans for the future!

APRIL 5TH 2012
On April 5th 2012 Honest by launched its first collaboration collection
with Canadian designer Calla Haynes.
Calla's collection for Honest by made news headlines on Vogue, ELLE,
L'Officiel and dozens of other influential blogs.
One month later Honest by's CEO and founder Bruno Pieters gave his first
public speech in front of her Royal Highness Princess Mary of Denmark
and an international audience of 1500 people as an invited member of the
Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012.

JUNE 21st 2012
Honest by was selected as one of the top 100 most sustainable solutions
in the world by SUSTAINIA 100 at Rio+20.Sustainia is a concept created
to communicate a sustainable future based on concrete and tangible
know-how and technologies – a global collaborative platform for building
a model and vision for a sustainable future. The model of Sustainia
represents the best practice, knowledge and technologies that already
exist. It is inspired and designed by world leading companies,
institutions and experts. It is a clear demonstration of the society we
could create if sectors, companies, scientists, politicians and civil
society worked together towards a common goal, and Honest by was
honoured to be selected and listed among the top 100 worldwide
Sustainable solutions.

JULY 15th 2012
After the successful introduction of Germany's new and organic luxury

brand Muriée, Honest by launched its 3rd collaboration
collection with
Paris Based designer Nicolas Andreas Taralis.
The Honest by Nicolas
Andreas Taralis collection features 4 different
pieces. Taralis used
luxurious organic fabrics for these pieces and
produced the entire
collection in France and Italy. Both countries are
known for their
unparalleled know how in dress making, however
both struggle today
to maintain profit within their industries.
Competing with low wage
countries in Asia remains an ongoing challenge.
The European law still
allows products that are merely finished in
France or Italy to be labelled
Made in France or Made in Italy.
We at Honest by believe this is not
only unfair towards the companies
that do not practice such methods,
but also unfair for the consumer who
ends up having to pay for
disproportionate mark up figures. We believe
transparency is key in
preventing these strategies.

AUGUST 15th 2012
On August 15th 2012, Honest by will launch a new collaboration
collection. This time we invited an accessory designer who produced
exclusive Vegan creations for Honest by. In one of our recent Polls where
we asked customers what Honest by should focus
on next, the majority of votes went to suggesting the development of an
Honest Accessory Collection. We hope you enjoy the collection as much as
we did preparing it when it launches soon!

Honest by has been invited to take part in the Estethica Exhibition at
Somerset House during London Fashion Week this September. We are
delighted to take part in this very innovative
initiative. Following this event, two weeks after, Honest by will have
its first official presentation during Paris Fashion Week. We can
already reveal one thing to you... it will be a presentation like no

Photography: Christoph Schemel
Concept & Set Design: Sonja Stadelmaier & Heidrun Tröndle
Graphic design: Martijn Van Strien, Bruno Pieters, Christoph Schemel,Sonja
Stadelmaier & Heidrun Tröndle
Text: Bruno Pieters & Kate Sala