Shala Monroque

"In light of the series of tragedies in Bangladesh, I think Bruno's mission of transparency and also sustainability is very honourable. I'm glad to know that as a retailer this much thought and care goes into the production of the garments. I hope that other retailers will follow his example. I'm glad to be a part of a project that carves out a new and better path."

"First off I love Heaven's name. Also after seeing his collection in Paris this season, and how meticulous he was in producing it I was happy to be a part of this project."












Michelle Violy Harper

"In a world where workers in various parts of the world are abused and the environment suffers, Bruno's Honest by line is crucial for the battle against these issues. His contribution is beautiful and timely."

"The collaboration with Heaven is nothing short of show-stopping given both designers talent and Heaven's mastery of complexity, detail, and a gorgeous execution of style and craftsmanship."















Paula Goldstein

"Personally I feel that what Honest by is doing is really what true luxury is or at least should be in modern society. When we invest in luxury fashion we should be investing in the best of everything that includes the best production and materials and the quality not just as a final product but in terms of their effect on peoples lives and the environment. Honest by is an investment into that and the time and care that goes into making a transparent supply chain. I think we would all question some of our fast throwaway fashion purchases if we could see where and how they were made."

"Heaven's work was a perfect choice because the jewellery is so very special and it's something you naturally want to covet. I also think it's a very brave move to push to make jewellery transparent as dealing minerals, metals and stones is normally a very secretive industry and it's a very important and brave move to attempt to change this."