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First Fashion Brand in History to offer Downloadable 3D Collection. 

The 'Download EP01' collection is the world's first collection, created by a Fashion company, to be downloaded online by the customer and printed out on a 3D home printer. Honest By is hereby the first Designer brand in history to offer a collection of Downloadable accessories. The collection was created by Bruno Pieters in collaboration with Comme Des Machines.Comme Des machines is a Bilbao (Spain) based future fashion advisory. They work at the intersection of fashion and technology, trying to bring both elements closer together. Since 2014 they also offer 3D printed biodegradable solutions such as buttons, buckles, sequins, labels, etc. They are passionate about creating a more sustainable industry. For them new digital technologies such as 3D printing have the potential to disrupt current life-unfriendly practices . They often collaborate with fashion designers, brands or retailers. Besides working with Belgian Designer Bruno Pieters for Honest By's 'Download EP 01' collection, they have also worked with Petrucha, 44 Store, Oliver & Co, Basati, etc. For Comme Des Machines the Digital age will be the age of people. Comme Des Machines has currently four founders Aran Azkarate, Andrés Iglesias, Jon Mikel Azkarate and Suso Kinki.  For more information on Comme Des Machines please visit: http://commedesmachines.es

View collection here.