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The FFDS stands for the Future Fashion Designer Scholarship. 
Our aim is to offer financial support to an exceptional student who wants to develop his or her collection in a sustainable and transparent way. Honest by is the official sponsor of the FFDS scholarship.
The FFDS is the first scholarship of its kind, offering students the opportunity to work in a progressive way. Recipients of the FFDS will receive a cash prize to develop their collection responsibly. The FFDS recipient will also receive guidance and mentoring from Honest by's team, including Creative Director Bruno Pieters.
Students from all over the world are invited to apply. The FFDS does not require that applicants were working in a sustainable way within their previous work. Students will first and foremost be chosen according to their design skills and technical innovations. Students from both garment and accessory programs can apply.
The winners of the FFDS will work in a 100% transparent manner, use sustainable materials and create new and innovative alternatives for animal based materials.

For more information on the new FFDS terms and conditions please visit the FFDS website: http://www.futurefashiondesignerscholarship.com